Your guide to the PERFECT FIRST not included

So the guy you’ve been crushing on for weeks (or months) has finally asked you out. Alternatively, you’ve been bored and haven’t gotten laid for weeks or months so the next guy you meet asks you out..finally!

Depending on the case, you’re probably a little or a lot excited. You’ve got a lot of choices to make girl, so lets get on it!


1) THE DRESS – If you’re doing the typical date : Dinner and/or drinks I think it’s very important to give the man a little preview of your goodies. Men are very visual and they need to see what you’re working with. Not saying you should expose your hello kitty or pull out a boob but give him a little idea of what you may look like naked. So wear a tight dress that shows off your curves or lack there of, whichever. I know not all of you are comfortable with showing skin, so just be consistent with your own style but whatever you do SEX IT UP. CAUTION: Keep in mind that if you show off way too much and put your entire rack on display the guy will probably think hes gonna be doing you by the end of the night. But hey let’s be honest, regardless of what you wear the guy will still “THINK” he’s gonna do you by the end of the night.

2) SHOES – The higher the better, always and forever (my shoe motto). Keep in mind, you may want to wear shoes that you can actually walk in. The first date is no place for complaining about foot pain, you can only do that after he falls in love w/ you. Wear something that shows off a little toe, whether its toe cleavage or your perfectly manicured toe nails.

3) HAIR – Leave it down! I know we love doing our ponytails and buns but just don’t. Honestly no matter how much we convince ourselves that men like this, they really don’t. They love flowing hair that they can run their hands through. So let your hair down, either straight or w a little wave, he’ll love it!

4) MAKEUP – This ones a toughy because it’s totally personal. Some girls don’t like much makeup and others (like me) love layering it on. I like to do a sexy smokey eye w a simple lip. Even if you’re not a fan of makeup, just wear a little bit of mascara gloss and blush. Remember, we want to draw attention to the fact that you have a vagina..oh and beautiful eyes of course. CAUTION: Stay away from red lipstick on a first date, it scares guys off from wanting to kiss you and have it all over them. PS : Make sure your nails are perfectly manicured, you don’t wanna look sloppy.

5) CONVERSATION – I know my girls are smart & don’t need any assistance in this area but please just stay away from talk about your ex (good, bad, anything). Also don’t ask him specific questions about his. The first date is no place for 21 questions, more about enjoying each others company and seeing if there’s a, does he waken up your lady parts? Keep things light and airy, just have fun! If the conversation is terrible then just drink until you’re happy.

6) ALCOHOL – Don’t drink too much unless the conversation is terrible, as previously mentioned. You don’t wanna be sloppy or develop a case of verbal diarrhea, again that can happen after he falls in love with you.

7) FOOD – Eat! Please don’t be one of those girls that just gets a side salad and moves it around with her fork. That’s not attractive for guys, so just eat like you normally do (unless it’s cow-ish). Also, steer away stinky food (garlic, onion, curry..etc) and anything too messy. Again, its too soon for all that real shit!

8) PAYMENT – I know some girls are all about that whole independent woman thing and equality blah blah but honestly I think a man should always pay for a first date. I still have some old fashioned beliefs that I hang on tightly to (when they work in my favor).

9) ACTION – Whether you’re reserved and just wanna hold hands or you believe in sex on a first date, that’s up to you. Personally I’m very much against sex on a first date, not be confused with sex on a first meeting which I think every woman should experience at least once (One nighter). If a guy is into you enough to take you out on a first date then he probably sees some sort of potential, to sleep with him on that first night would blow that all away. Unless you just wanna get laid, then do your thang! As cliche as it sounds a guy will respect you more if you hold off on the sex for a bit.

10) NO PHONE – I mean take your phone with you but keep it in your purse/pocket..etc. I’m very guilty of this, I’m constantly on my phone and my bf hates me for it. I have fantasies about sex on the beach and I think he has fantasies about smashing my phone till it turns to ash. So don’t text, fb, instagram, tweet, email..or whatever else the newest social media thing is.

Honestly first dates can be so much fun, so don’t over think it and just be yourself. Let’s be honest “yourself” is amazing!


  6 comments for “Your guide to the PERFECT FIRST not included

  1. Asal Hs
    January 18, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    LOLL Omg I enjoyed reading this so much..I’m definitely not new to any of this, but I still loved reading it. esp # 10 I couldn’t help but to LOL..your bf’s fantasies:P I am so guilty of that too:(

  2. Dan
    January 21, 2013 at 2:17 am

    I haven’t dated seriously in years since I was “tied down” for about 7 of them. But, its interesting to see the perspective that an intelligent girl has. This should definitely help my awareness and hopefully she won’t be downing her drinks lol.

  3. Style and Sin
    January 22, 2013 at 10:47 am

    Hahah..thank you babe!

  4. Style and Sin
    January 22, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Depending on the situation alcohol can be your best friend or worst enemy, for a serious dating prospect though I’d say it “can” be problematic. 7 years is a long time Daniel, you could probably write a blog about relationships yourself. Hope you have fun in the dating world :)

  5. February 28, 2013 at 9:49 am

    It is interesting to hear a girls perspective on this, I agree with you on all of the items. On Item 9) Sleeping with a guy on the first date is definitively a bad idea if you see any potential in dating him. A guy will most likely lose respect and interest in you if it’s that easy (I know I know, double standard)

  6. Style and Sin
    March 1, 2013 at 11:59 am

    Nice to have a man weighing in on this :) & as much as I smh at double standards, the truth is they still exist.

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