How to spot a FAKE..Chanel that is.

Sometimes I seriously wonder how many of these girls carrying Chanel are actually carrying CHANEL. I can put up with women faking their orgasms but faking their Chanels?? I won’t stand for it.


There is nothing I hate more than seeing someone duped..especially when they’re paying thousands of dollars & if you’re buying a real deal Chanel, you’re almost always paying that much. It physically hurts me to see all these so called “authentic” Chanel purses going for sale on Ebay and knowing somewhere out there someone is buying their BS (pun intended). Sadly it’s quite easy to fake a Chanel bag, they’re not overly decorative and don’t change every season (not the classics at least).

Obviously the best way to avoid ANY doubt is to shop directly from a CHANEL store, but if you still wanna get your hands on a quilted beauty and save a few bucks then you gotta take the pre-owned route. I’ve only ever purchased CHANEL directly from the store but I’d like to teach you girls how to buy a pre-owned CHANEL with way less doubts. I’ve compiled together what I know about CHANEL with a whole lotta internet research & here’s the verdict.

1) AUTHENTICITY CARD & SERIAL NUMBER – Before you go off thinking this is all you need, lemme snatch you back! Fake Chanels have this too..almost always! There should be 7 or 8 digit set of matching numbers on both the card and serial number inside the purse. If your purse was made in the 80s it will be 7 digits, and if it was made in the 90s or later it will be 8 digits.


The sticker with the serial number can look different from bag to bag. For example, in my medium flap bag the serial number is attached to the leather inside the bag and it’s very hard to see, hence why I don’t have a picture of it. In my other bags it is attached to a flap made from the same material as the lining of the bag and can be seen much more easily. However all of my handbags have the serial number located on the inside left (my left, bags right) corner of the bag, but serial numbers can appear on different areas such as the inside of the interior zipper pocket. This serial number will always face up so that it’s easily read.

Currently the most used counterfeit serial #s on Chanel bags are the following : 7244764,  8947749,  9316391,  9395451, 9395455,  9675223, 9777617,  9889754, 9892039,  10218184, 10380486,  10501946, 10995820, 11062948 and  10803549

2) THE TAG – Contrary to assumption, Chanel price tags are just plain old white paper tags. They’re not pretty or fancy, if you see any other sort of hanging tag such as a fancy black or white one on a chain then you’ve been duped my love.


 3) MATCHING HARDWARE – Sometimes it’s just that simple. Girl you’re buying a Chanel so you better expect everything to line up..perfectly!

4) DETAILS..DETAILS…details, bitch! – Look at the stitching, whether all the fabrics line up and even the smell and yes you can smell a fake! Make sure the quilting is not too puffy either, compare it to other authenticated Chanels. Please just pay attention. FYI, you’re not a bitch.


 5) DO YOUR RESEARCH – Not all Chanel bags are created equally, all of my Chanel handbags have different leather, lining and hardware. Don’t just assume they should all look the same. If you’re interested in a medium classic flap bag, then go to Chanel and see what the interior, chain & etc. should look like or research online. The more you know the less likely you are to be fooled.

6) READ BETWEEN THE LINES – If the seller has a one day auction they are likely trying to get past Ebays counterfeit program. If they do not mention that it’s authentic, then obviously it’s not and calling it genuine leather Chanel doesn’t equate authentic. If the seller says that they will return it with a written notice from Chanel stating that it’s not authentic don’t believe them. Chanel will never write you a letter stating the authenticity of your item or lack there of, it’s just another loophole.

7) SELLER REVIEWS – Read these reviews and make sure they’re all or mostly positive. Ebay basically runs on this and a sellers reviews are their best way of making more sales, if their past buyers are happy most likely you will be too.

8) DUSTBAG + BOOKLET & OTHER AUTHENTICATION PAPERS + BOX – A Chanel dustbag is black with the word CHANEL written in white, plain & simple and it’s not white with black writing. The box is also black with writing, in case the box is included in the sale. For the booklet and etc. please refer to my picture, however there are different styles of booklets that were used in the older style bags. From what I have seen they are pull apart booklets and not a “book” style booklet.


 9) PRICE – It seems simple right?? If it’s too good be true it most likely is. Chanel bags tend to hold their value extremely well..unless they’ve undergone some traumatic event. If the bag your eying is listed significantly below market value, then honey it’s probably just as real as Lil Kims new nose…no no not that fake one, her newest one.

10) INSIDE, OUT – The inside of the bag will be just as precise and perfect as the outside. For example, the inside of the flap should be smooth and wrinkle free. Pay attention to the zippers inside too, if Chanel is written on one side the other should have a Chanel interlocking logo.

I’m hoping you ladies learned a thing or two about purchasing your next Chanel. Whether she’s a virgin or looking for a second chance at happiness, she’s still a Chanel and that my friends is more than enough. Enjoy.