Have MEN become lazy(er) or are WOMEN just expecting too much?

If I had a nickel for every time my single gfs bitched and moaned about how lazy men are these days, I’d have more money than I could count (I’m terrible at math though).

Men vs Women














When I lived in Vancouver my gfs would always complain about how hard it was to meet guys in “this city” and now that I’m living in Vegas it’s the same song and dance. Guys in Vancouver are often described as lazy and this is something I can also attest to, they really are! Vancouver is a city full of attractive women and literally 11 datable guys. The rest of the guys are douchy or gay, or sometimes both. They want women to be the aggressive and often times obsessive ones. If you make it any work for them they’ll move on to the next one, simple as that! The Vegas breed is a different one. Although I haven’t lived the single life out here, I still have eyes. The Vegas guy wants to have his cake and eat it too, then he wants to do that cake, post naked pictures of it on Instagram and then have sex w/ its friends. I think you guys get the point. Granted guys are definitely more aggressive in Las Vegas than they are in Vancouver but I’m not sure if that’s because of the location or all the alcohol and their raging hunger for sex..probably a bit of both.

Personally I think guys are substituting social media for actually putting themselves out there and trying to get a girl. After all, it’s a lot less painful to have your friend request denied than your phone number. This new breed of man thinks that “liking” your fb status or your instagram picture is the best way to flirt with you & sadly enough it’s sufficient for some girls. No longer are men coming up to you in the streets, at cafes or at the gym. After all, why put yourself through the possible ridicule when you can just find her on instagram later and “follow” her…oooooh, what a go getter (eye roll).

In all honesty, we ladies have our own set of issues that I feel obligated to point out as well. SOME of us have these kinda ridiculous and sometimes unattainable (for most men) standards for our men. Blame it on Sex and the City, its not you..its the show. Were there every any big male roles on that show that weren’t or didn’t end up becoming successful? Like the one episode where Mr.Big just happened to buy Carrie that Judith Leiber purse, are you kidding me? Bitch, that’s what you’re complaining about? Getting like a $10,000 purse…seriously??!!!??? We want our men to be successful, generous, sexy & in shape, masculine, attentive but not too needy, sensitive, protective but not jealous, cool & collected, spontaneous yet kind of reserved and amazing in bed..no wonder why men don’t wanna try anymore. We are some greedy bitches! We want it all..all the time. This new breed of woman is no longer giddy over lingerie, she wants a pair of Louboutins or a Celine Boston bag (Bis Un Bouts in 6.5 and the Boston mini in blue, in case anyone’s asking).

To sum up this roast on both sexes (no double standards here), I think it’s a wonder any of us have successful relationships, but hey we do! I’m not saying us women should have no standards or completely lower them and just go around dating scrubs. I’m just saying lets cut the men a little slack, I think they’re trying??!!??? And men you’re not off the hook either (like any guys read this blog), you needa try a little more..wine & dine us, make us special and wake us up w/ oral every morning…but not in that cat licking milk out of a bowl kinda way.