Beauty products that would make SUZE ORMAN proud

“You get what you pay for,” isn’t always true, especially not in this case. I love the finer things in life but there are some things that I just can’t bring myself to splurge on & some of my all time favorite beauty products are cheaper than a Starbucks Venti latte.

Whether you’re poor, cheap or frugal (what cheap people call themselves), then this list is for you my loves.

1) JASON hair products – Volumizing Lavender


I absolutely love JASON products. They’re simple, natural and do what they say they’ll do. A few years ago my hair started becoming super sensitive and falling out, also I should add that I’ve had psoriasis on my scalp since I was very little and so I started using Jason hair products. I’ve been using the shampoos for about 2 years now and I’m still in love! Currently using the Volumizing Lavender Shampoo (shown above) but I actually prefer their Super Shine Apricot Shampoo.

They’re reasonably priced at less than $10 per bottle and it takes me forever to finish one.

Buy at Whole Foods, CVS (natural section) or online at

2) TRESemme – Hair sprays and dry shampoo


I’ve used many hair sprays in my 26 years, both high end and cheap. It’s one of those things that I personally don’t feel the need to splurge on. TRESemme has never failed me, whether it’s a hair spray or a dry shampoo, its done the job well! If you happen to like a higher end hair spray then I highly recommend Sebastian hairsprays, can’t go wrong w/ those at about $15 per bottle.

They’re usually about $5 or less (Smiths has them on sale for $3 right now).

Buy at SmithsCVS or Walgreens

3) CUREL lotion – Ultra Rich


Whenever I ask doctors about the best lotion they recommend Curel so it must be good..right? If you like a frou-frou lotion that smells pretty this isn’t gonna cut it but if you want a lotion that will repair your dry skin then grab you some. It absorbs super quickly & doesn’t get sticky when it dries (ahem: Aveeno).

They go for just over $5.

Buy at Walgreens, CVS or any other drug store

4) NIVEA sun kissed – Self tanner and lotion 


I’ve been obsessed w/ golden bronzed skin since I was 13 (my first tanning membership..eek!). Somewhere along the way I thought to myself “I’d prefer not to have skin cancer,” and started using self tanners from time to time. I started with Lancome and used that for about 2 years, then went to estee lauder and quickly ran away and steered towards Christian Dior for a bit. They were good but not good enough to pay +$40 for. So I started using generic brands and realized they were all basically the same. Right now I’m really liking the NIVEA self tanner, it keeps your skin soft and helps you build a natural gradual tan.

Sells for about $8.

Buy at Smiths

5) LUSH cleansing lotion – 9 TO 5


I was one of those girls that would walk past every LUSH store and say “ewww,” it just smelled so bad to me. One day one of my gfs dragged me in and I happened buy that cleansing lotion and fell in love. Now I’m kinda obsessed w/ all their products and also swear by their enzymion moisturizer.

The smaller size goes for about $10.

Buy at the closest LUSH to you or online at

6) GARNIER eye roller – Ultra lift


Not sure how well this one really works but I feel like it does so its a thumbs up for me. Garnier products have never done me wrong, whether its this or number 7 on this list or the zit cream. It gets rid of the puffiness under my eyes in the morning and adds a little moisture  so I’m not having to pull the skin while I’m putting concealer on.

Sells for many, many different prices. You can buy it at Target for just over $12 and I trust Target

7) GARNIER anti dark circle roller – SKIN RENEW


I’ve been using this for about 2 years and have gotten tons of people hooked on it. I used to use it instead of a concealer before I started wearing as much makeup as a drag queen. Nowadays I use it over top of my concealer as a highlighter, it’s a little translucent and really brightens you up.

Again, many different advertised prices. Trust Target at $11.99

8) REVLON photoready airbrush – Mousse makeup in 070 Rich ginger


I never used to wear foundation until I realized what a difference it makes (especially in pictures) so now I wear it often (every weekend). I’ve used a ton a different brands but my all time fav is Makeup Forevers HD foundation and now add this bad boy to the list. It goes on super even and gives you amazing coverage. I wouldn’t call it an everyday makeup but it will make you look flawless for those special nights and its CHEAP..hello??!!

I bought mine for $13.99.

Buy at Walgreens or any other drug store like CVS

9) NEUTROGENA rapid clear – Acne eliminating spot gel


This works, it really..really works! Need I say more?

Goes for about $7.

Buy at any drugstore

10) BONNE BELL gel bronze – golden tan


One of the cheapest brands of makeup ever and honestly this little thing is amazing. Trust me! You will love it. I use it instead of blush and put it right on the apples of my cheeks, you can also use it in place of a bronzer. Go get this one!

I got mine for just over $3.

Buy at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS or Target

11) MAYBELLINE Volum’ express mascaras – Mega plush, The falsies or any other one


Errrmmmeeeggaawwwdd! These mascaras are really! I already have long curly eyelashes (it’s a persian thing) so I don’t want that mascara that just adds length and separates my lashes. I like em fat, just like my booty (I wish!). These mascaras will make your eyelashes super plump and volumized, so if you’re into a more day time or natural look then I don’t wanna be friends with you! ;)

These go on sale a lot, so keep an eye out but they’re very reasonably priced.

Buy at any drugstore

12) NEUTROGENA makeup remover – Cleansing towelettes


I’ve showed you what to put on your face, these wipes will help you take it all off. They take off everything including mascara without a struggle and they’re gentle. WARNING: May make you too lazy to wash your face at night and just wanna use wipes (like forever) but don’t, you still need a good cleanse.

I bought like a bajillion of these at COSTCO in a huge pack and they were super cheap

13) REVLON nail polish


I’m more than obsessed with Essie, I think I have almost every color but Revlon nail polish is also one of my favs. They have the best selection of colors, go on effortlessly they’re well priced.

About $5.

Buy at any drugstore

I don’t like my men cheap but I do love a good cheap beauty product. I hope I’ve helped you ladies save a buck or two, especially during the tight holiday season. What are your favorite cheap finds?





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