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Whether you have, haven’t or pretend that you didn’t is your business & not mine.

I know this may sound a little too legit, like, “Who’s having enough one night stands to create a kit?” Well maybe some girls really are but even if you’ve never had one you know what they say better safe than sorry (as in I’m sorry I’m not prepared so I’m gonna have to say NO to your hotness). Some people have survival kits and some people have one night stand kits, no judgements here.


To do (him) or to keep him, that is the question…

I know at one time or another we’ve all asked ourselves the question, “is he boyfriend material or just do worthy?” To do or to keep..that ladies is the question. Well sure there are the general guidelines about being bf material & I’m not saying that you don’t want your boyfriend to be “do worthy,” but you want him to…