To do (him) or to keep him, that is the question…

I know at one time or another we’ve all asked ourselves the question, “is he boyfriend material or just do worthy?” To do or to keep..that ladies is the question.

Well sure there are the general guidelines about being bf material & I’m not saying that you don’t want your boyfriend to be “do worthy,” but you want him to offer you more than just great sex (and plenty of it). Some girls have an almost sixth sense about these things (ahem ahem) but other girls need a little guidance and I’m here to offer that, you’re welcome.


BM: He actually takes you out (dinners, movies, etc).

SS: He invites you over, sometimes its just that. If he’s a little more experienced he’ll invite you to watch a movie at his place (which always turns to sex) unless you’re Amish or he invites you over for dinner (cheap alert).

BM: You respect him and his lifestyle.

SS: You could care less about him and his lifestyle and just want him to take off his clothes.

MB: He calls or messages you throughout the day or from time to time.

SS: He texts you last minute or late night and asks you to come see him.

Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan

BM: He’ll comment on social media posts and make some sort of online connection with you. Not saying this is a must because some guys just don’t like social media and in all honesty I feel like a 16 yr old writing this one, but fb really is important to our generation.

SS: He avoids any online connection to you at all costs, that means no commenting on or liking any of your pictures/posts and so on, this of course means that you will not get in the way of any other girls for him.

BM: You can’t wait to introduce him to your friends+family because you know they’ll approve.

Carrie Bradshaw and her 20 something guy

SS: The thought of introducing him to your friends+family repulses you.

SS: The thought of introducing you to his friends+family repulses him.

SS: You don’t know anything about his life except for what his place looks like, what car he drives and what his sexual position rotation is.

BM: You find his little quirks cute and think they make him even more unique.

SS: You want to rip your eyes out every time you witness one of his annoying little habits.

BM: He makes you feel special, beautiful and wanted, as you should!

SS: You are constantly catching his wandering eyes & are worried about his every move. If he makes you feel like you can’t trust him & turns you into the insecure type LET HIM GO!

So If he’s amazing in bed and atrocious everywhere else, keep him there and don’t let him weasel his way into your “real life,” or waste your time honey. Get you some and leave early enough so you don’t taint yourself for the one who’s a keeper!