10 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to feel SEXIER

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you’ve lost your mojo? They usually hit around the same time as your period and even though you look the same as you did a few days ago you somehow feel fatter + less attractive.

It affects your confidence, sex life and even your energy so we have to figure out a way to stop it..FAST! I’m not gonna BS you with solutions that are complicated and long term so don’t expect any miracles, I’m just gonna give you a few pick me up tips to help you feel sexier today/tonight.


1) GO OUT SANS PANTIES – Crazier things have been done (hopefully by you too). So next time you’re heading out, skip your panties and watch yourself magically feel sexier. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this works but it does, you just feel empowered & free. A little breeze on your vag doesn’t hurt either.

2) TAKE NUDE PICS – I’m not suggesting you send them out/post them anywhere (unless you want to), just that you take em. First, do you hair, then perfect your makeup and finally strike your sexiest pose. Seeing yourself like this will surely make you appreciate your assets and put a pep in your step.

3) DO THE SPHNYX – AKA bald kitty & if you still need further explanation…WAX YOUR VAG! No it doesn’t feel the same as shaving so don’t cut any corners Missy. Trust me, the pain is totally worth it and it will instantly make you feel more confident. No matter how many lights are on, how close it is to his face or what position you’re in you will feel flawless.

4) TAKE A POLE DANCING CLASS – If you have the time take a class or two (it’s much harder than it looks) or just practice at home. Seeing your man (or your woman) enjoy your moves and your body will make you feel amazing. Knowing how much you’ve turned him on will be almost like foreplay for you…almost.

5) PUT ON SOME LINGERIE – Before you get down and dirty slip into some lingerie. Whatever your taste is play up on that: Girly+lacy or fetish+leather. Sometimes the packaging is just as important as the product.

6) GET DOLLED UP & GO OUT W/ YOUR GIRLS – This one consists of a few points all rolled into one. 1) Do your hair and makeup. 2) Wear your sexiest, most flattering dress or outfit. 3) Have a few drinks and let loose. 4) Dance your booty off and act like you’ve got an audience..but keep your clothes on (frowned upon at clubs).  5) Flirt a little if you’re single or just enjoy getting hit on..a confidence boost on the house.

7) ENJOY SOME SOLO TIME (wink wink) – I’m not talking about that quick, watch porn and get yourself off kinda way (no offense to that obvs) but rather some uninterrupted seductive time with yourself. Pour yourself a glass of wine, run a bath and enjoy your beautiful body. It may sound a little odd but sometimes a little personal romance is needed & you know what they (I) say…an orgasm a day keeps the stick up your ass away.

8) ROLL CAMERA, ACTION – It might boost your confidence to see your own moves on camera and see how “talented” you really are. What you do with that film is your business (a la Kim K and Ray J), also refer to my guide about the PRETTIEST POSITIONS for your most flattering sex moves.

9) DON’T PLAY THE VS. GAME – Don’t compare yourself to others, this is the fastest way to make you feel like shit. As cliche as it sounds focus on your positive features: what people usually compliment you on. At the end of the day this is what you’ve been given, so embrace it or save your money and get a ton of plastic surgery ;)

10) WEEEERRRKKKK OUT – Work it out, whether your thing is yoga or weightlifting or swimming…just get active. It’ll raise your heartbeat, make you sweat and feel like you can take on the world..or a man.

My lovelies, I hope you ALWAYS feel your best & sexiest because you are WOMAN, let’s hear your ROOOOOOAAAAARRRRR!