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10 PLASTIC SURGERY procedures you’ve probably never heard of

With plastic surgery becoming more and more common amongst us “normal” people, do you ever wonder what the crazies & celebrities are doing to themselves? Sure I’m an advocate of plastic surgery (in moderation) but some procedures are out right ludicrous, I’m about to shine a light on this mystery..sarcasm included.   1) VAGINAL BLEACHING  Just think how pretty your…

6 Signs that your relationship is (possibly, probably) DOOMED


Maybe doomed is a little…dramatic, but hey it got your attention.  So by now I (and the whole world) know that no relationship is a walk in the park 24/7, but it also shouldn’t feel like a constant uphill climb either.


In the beginning of a relationship everything is new & exciting. I mean, that is if you’ve actually made it to the relationship part and they didn’t turn out to be one of those people you went on 3 painful dates with and were forever repulsed by afterward. You’ve made it to the first month or two, the makeout sessions are in full force, their A game is on and the sex is POPPIN! Awesome, congratulations, glad you’re getting laid while I’m, well…not (but that’s a different story). Some of what I just said might not apply to your relationship though, you may find that your relationship seems like a lot of work, from the very beginning. GET OUT…sorry was that too dramatic, okay let’s try it again…GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! Unless your relationship is difficult because of outside circumstances like distance, there really should be no excuse for it in the beginning.


I’ve done enough talking, so here are some signs that your relationship is headed for the hills, doomed, R-I-P, not right, it’s not meant to be…and whatever else you wanna call it.



Fighting is normal and can definitely be healthy. It helps you understand you and your partner’s boundaries and desires as well as how to communicate and work through problems. BUT if you find yourself arguing about every little thing from early on, you’ve got bigger problems. It will not get better over time, the only thing that will happen over time is wrinkles all over your damn face from all the fighting facial expressions. It’s better to be single than old AND single. Believe!




SPICE UP your relationship

Relationships are great, then they’re not and then again they are. The only thing I am certain about, is that all relationships can be hard at some point and that is perfectly normal. We love, we fight, we make up and in between all that it can be pretty difficult to see the romance sometimes.




Studies have shown that even if you’re not in the mood you should do it anyway. By studies I mean that’s what I heard from Patti Stanger, and she’s basically a scientist. It’s so easy to to fall into a sexless rut when you’re in a longer term relationship, the same face day in and day out can start messing with that excitement a little bit. So even if you’re feeling like the desert & he’s limper than a dead tulip just give it a go. At some point within the session you will start to enjoy it and soon enough the drouth will pass.

10 Types of MEN to avoid in the DATING world

There were those days when a bad boy would have us drooling, nowadays even the name bad boy sounds so passe..boy? WE WANT A MAN!!


 1) I’D RATHER DIE THAN COMMIT DUDE He wants to do you BUT he just doesn’t want to date you. Labels are to him what garlic is to a vampire and he’s very quick to put you in your spot. He wants to “see” you BUT he just doesn’t want see all of you I guess. Getting him into a relationship will take more patience and concentration than a chess game with Bobby Fischer. Basically, he’s here for a good time & not a long time.


Red Flag : You’ve been seeing each other long enough for him to at least know if he wants to be your boyfriend..for the love of God, it’s just dating not a proposal!

2) SERIAL CHEATER (pervy) MAN Quick to love & quick to leave. Cheating isn’t a mistake he’s made or even a phase, it’s his way of life. He’s also super pervy, constantly checking everyone out from randos to your friends. Of course he has a good excuse for every time he’s cheated, so save yourself the drama & leave his sorry ass..like yesterday!

Mind your MANNERS..in the BEDROOM..Please&ThankYou.

Nothing deflates a PENIS and dries up a VAGINA faster than bad bedroom etiquette.   We all remember those childhood songs about manners, whether we learned them from Sesame Street or Barny. But no one ever sang us songs about bedroom etiquette and one day we woke up in bed questioning our bedroom manners or maybe you’re still oblivious? No…

How to spot a FAKE..Chanel that is.

Sometimes I seriously wonder how many of these girls carrying Chanel are actually carrying CHANEL. I can put up with women faking their orgasms but faking their Chanels?? I won’t stand for it.   There is nothing I hate more than seeing someone duped..especially when they’re paying thousands of dollars & if you’re buying a real deal Chanel, you’re almost…

Unique Valentines day gifts he’ll actually LOVE, like really!

Do men even enjoy Valentines day? After all it’s another day where they’re forced to get gifts for us and make us feel special and ultimately have at a chance to disappoint us, yet again.   Our go to is putting on sexy lingerie and “treating” him to ourselves, literally. I’m not bashing lingerie but lets face it, this guy…

Our biggest bedroom mistakes, According to REAL MEN

Do you ever wonder if you’re actually good (or great) in bed or whether you just think you are? While you’re wondering away let me set the record straight..I actually am, but lets get back to you. We all think we’re pretty seductive and know what we’re doing in bed (hopefully?) but I’M SURE we sometimes do things in bed…